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propane gas range north carolina
Ask any professional chef, and you’ll likely be told that gas cooktops are a far superior way to cook than electric cooktops.
And with a propane cooktop, you can enjoy the benefits of cooking just like your favorite Food Network stars no matter where you live! You’re not dependent on being in a community with a natural gas utility connection. And with the dependable propane delivery from LG Jordan, you have peace of mind that your cooktop is always ready to go whether it’s a simple breakfast, or a full-fledged feast!
What makes propane better than electricity when it comes to cooktops? Read on to find out:

Propane Cooktops Offer The Precision You Need

What’s the difference between propane and electric cooktops? There are lots of differences, and all of them show the advantages propane offers.
The biggest difference is how you get much more precise control of the burners’ heating than you do with comparable electric cooktop.
You can adjust heat levels instantly on a propane cooktop. The burners on electric cooktops take much longer to both heat up or cool down. That difference in time can result in that juicy chicken breast becoming sawdust.
Your adjustments on a propane cooktop are also much more precise. Want something between medium-low and medium? Propane can do that! Electric cooktops have set levels—simply put, there’s no in-between. So, you may be stuck with choosing between a setting that’s too high or one that’s too low.
Propane cooktop burners also distribute heat more evenly than electric stoves. When you’re making something delicate like fish or sauces, no hot spots mean less chance of burning.
Today’s propane cooktops come with features that make cooking and cleaning better. For example, you can get a propane cooktop with a long burner made for grill pans and griddles. That makes Sunday pancakes and weekday grilled cheese sandwiches a snap! Cleaning is also quick an easy when your propane cooktop has sealed burners.

Greater Efficiency As Well

Upgrade your oven to a propane oven and get better efficiency and results!
Propane ovens preheat faster than comparable electric ovens. Propane ovens also offer a moister heat than electric ovens. That makes it less likely your holiday roasts will be dry (but you still need to keep an eye on them!). And you can get a propane convection oven, which gives you faster, more even baking and roasting.
In the end, propane is far more efficient than electricity when evaluating the total energy consumed (this includes the energy consumed in the extraction, production, processing and transportation of the fuel to the point of use).
Based on this analysis, propane is 87% efficient, while electricity is 32% efficient. This means your day-to-day cooking activities are maximizing your energy usage, meaning you’re not shelling out extra cash on your monthly bills for wasted power!
Versatile and efficient propane can fuel an array of equipment to enhance your lifestyle and increase your comfort and peace of mind. And with LG Jordan, you’ll get reliable, safe propane delivery of that fuel you can count on year ‘round! Become a customer today and let us make a difference for your local North Carolina home or business.