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Why Do People Love Propane Grills?

Convenient, clean and in your control — propane grills are wildly popular.

gas grills apex, nc With spring in full boom and Memorial Day only a few weeks away, families in Raleigh, Apex, Fuquay-Varina and many other North Carolina cities are firing up their barbecues.

Have you already grilled some hot dogs, ribs, fish fillets or veggie burgers in 2023? Are you gearing up for an epic holiday cookout? If you’re like 61 percent of American grill owners, you’ll be turning the knob on a propane cylinder to light up your barbecue.

We know there are many people out there who prefer charcoal, and it may have some advantages when you’re doing a day-long slow cook. Still, there are many reasons why propane grills are immensely popular.

Propane is the most convenient grill fuel.

Propane grills bring the convenience of an indoor gas-cooking appliance into the open air. Whether you’re grilling a ribeye or a pizza, your grill will do the job without overheating your home.

Portable propane tanks are easy to transport and switch out. And LG Jordan Oil. Co. offers no-stress propane cylinder refills at our Apex showroom. We’ll fill up your tank promptly and for less money than a tank exchange. Plus, you’ll get more fuel than you’d get with an exchange!

Propane grills heat up fast.

There’s no quicker way to get your grilled pork chops and kabobs onto the dinner table than with propane. When you’re ready to cook, just open the valve on your cylinder and start the grill.

Conversely, charcoal takes from 30 minutes to over an hour to reach the desired temperature. And that’s only after lugging out the charcoal and lighter fluid.

Propane is totally controllable.

Propane produces a powerful, fuel-efficient flame, and propane grills let you precisely control this flame. Whether searing a porterhouse with high heat or slow-cooking a salmon steak on low, propane can handle it.

Cooking multiple foods that require different temperatures? Propane grills let you set different cooking areas to different flame intensities with the turn of a knob. Doing that with charcoal takes a lot of time and labor.

Propane grills let your flavors shine through.

If you want the delicate flavors of your meats, fish and veggies to pop, propane is the way to go! Unlike charcoal, it leaves no chemical taste, produces no ash and emits little smoke. All you’ll get is the flavor of your food, spices and marinades.

Propane makes cleanup a breeze.

When you grill with charcoal, cleaning up can take as long as cooking. You’ll need to wait for the embers to die down, then you’ll risk messing up your clothes while disposing of spent coals and ash. With a propane grill, you can turn off the flame, scour the grate and call it a night!

LG Jordan Oil is your outdoor cooking connection!

When it’s time to kick your al fresco dining up a few notches, LG Jordan has the propane grilling options you’ll want. We sell Wilmington Grill products and Summerset outdoor kitchens. You can drop by our Apex showroom to find a barbecue option that fits your budget.

Have questions about our propane grills? Reach out to our friendly team members.