Say Goodbye to Big Propane & Heating Oil Bills Next Winter!

online fuel payment north carolinaThere’s a lot of uncertainty in the world these days. Consumers everywhere have dealt with higher prices and product shortages connected with the pandemic, a tangled supply chain and now, geopolitical unrest in Europe.
At LG Jordan, we understand the stress this can bring. Higher prices impact home budgets, and we know that many other nearby fuel suppliers are having difficulty even making prompt deliveries. Happily, our heating oil and propane supplies are ample—you don’t have to worry about running out with us.
Concerning energy price fluctuations, we’ve been thinking about how we can best help customers. Our first suggestion is to stabilize your fuel bills with our Budget Payment Program!

How Does the Budget Payment Program Work?

With LG Jordan’s Budget Payment Program, you can take the uncertainty out of your home fuel budget. Instead of paying all at once when your heating oil or propane arrives, you can spread your fuel costs across ten (10) stable, predictable monthly installments.
We don’t need to tell you that bulk energy bills can be painful. Unfortunately, they often arrive during the worst possible time. After all, both the holidays and tax time fall during heating season. With a budget plan, your fuel payments will be much more manageable—and significantly lower during the winter than when you’d typically pay on delivery.
The point of this program is to help our customers avoid big price fluctuations. If the actual amount of fuel you use is higher or lower than the usage we estimated, we will adjust your plan accordingly. So, if you’ve had enough unpleasant home energy surprises, then the Budget Payment Program is for you.

Making Your Fuel Payments More Predictable

The Budget Payment Program is far from the only option customers have to stabilize their energy billing. Some of our other options include:

  • Propane Pre-Buy— If you buy more than 400 gallons of propane per year and receive automatic delivery, you can enroll to purchase all your fuel before the heating season begins, locking in your rate early!
  • Online Payments— The fastest, most convenient way to pay your bill is online. Sign up to make payments through our secure portal, and you’ll never need to mail a check again.

Rest assured we are constantly looking for ways to help you navigate these challenging times. We all hope that these recent price spikes will be temporary.
In the meantime, if we can do anything to help you simplify your payments or reduce your energy use, do not hesitate to reach out to us. LG Jordan here to help.