propane tank

Hint: It’s all about propane safety!

Have you ever considered painting your propane tank a darker color to go with your home’s exterior or your landscaping?
Propane tanks are light for a reason – and that reason is safety.
Like water, propane expands in the heat, but it does it at a much faster rate than water – about 17 times the volume over the same increase in temperature.
If your propane tank is outside in the North Carolina summer heat, the propane inside your tank will expand; how much it expands can depend on the color of the tank. Think about your summer clothes: lighter colors reflect the outside heat; darker colors absorb it. The same is true for propane tanks – if you paint yours a dark color, it can absorb heat and expand the propane in your tank to dangerous levels.

Why is My Propane Tank Only 80 Percent Filled?

Safety is also the reason why your propane tank is only filled to 80 percent. If your propane tank was filled to capacity, the propane would have nowhere to expand when it’s hot out.
There can be times in a North Carolina summer when there are fast temperature changes: a cold front rolls through, or hot daytime temperatures are followed by a cool night. Your propane tank levels may fluctuate because of that change in temperature – that’s perfectly normal, since propane density adjusts to changes in temperature. Don’t worry, you still have the same amount of propane in your tank – it’s just a different density.

Your Safety Always Comes First at LG Jordan Oil

When it comes to propane delivery and propane tank installation in Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange and Lee counties, LG Jordan is committed to the safety of our customers and communities. After all, we are your neighbors!
We put propane safety front-and-center with every service call, every delivery, every propane tank installation. And that dedication to safety is why LG Jordan’s propane tanks are always a lighter color.
Enjoy the safe, reliable propane delivery and service that LG Jordan provides. Get in touch today and become an LG Jordan customer!