A comprehensive guide to the fuel used by your gas-fired appliances.

natural gas Apex, NC At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we are committed to being the one-stop home fuel shop for families in Apex and throughout Wake County, NC. We deliver fuel oil and propane throughout our service region, and in recent years, we’ve expanded our services to include natural gas hookups and appliance installations.

We employ a hardworking team of home comfort experts with extensive experience in natural gas installations. Here are some of the frequent questions they answer about this versatile, low-carbon fuel.

How is natural gas extracted?

Natural gas is a fuel composed primarily of methane, a compound containing one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. It is a combustible gas that releases very little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in use.

Natural gas formed over hundreds of millions of years as plants and animals became buried underwater and inside the earth’s surface. These remains were converted into fuel products like oil or natural gas because of intense pressure and heat. Natural gas finds its way into cracks and spaces below the surface. It seeps up through pores in sedimentary rock like shale, and it can also be found as a coproduct of crude oil.

When geologists identify an area that contains natural gas deposits, a well can be drilled to extract it. Incidentally, natural gas wells also produce heavier hydrocarbons, including propane. There is also a process called fracking that extracts natural gas by forcing water, sand or chemicals into sedimentary rock formations.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. consumer-grade natural gas production exceeded our consumption by 13% in 2022. The top natural gas-producing states are Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia and Oklahoma.

How is natural gas used?

Natural gas is an incredibly versatile home fuel. North Carolina families use it for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying and high-quality home amenities like the following:

Both commercial and residential consumers use natural gas to fuel dependable standby generators, which ensure uninterrupted power even during a grid blackout.
Speaking of North Carolina’s electric grid, over one-third of our grid power comes from natural gas-powered facilities.

How can you get natural gas service at your home?

Utility companies transport natural gas to U.S. homes through a complex system of underground gas lines. If you want to connect natural gas service to your home, you will need to have close proximity to such a natural gas line.

Connecting natural gas service to your home requires a trained and experienced team of technicians. Improper natural gas connections can lead to severe risks of asphyxiation or explosion. The LG Jordan team is at your service to safely and promptly set up gas piping for your home. We also sell, install and connect natural gas appliances.

If you don’t have access to a natural gas utility, you can still enjoy high-performance gas appliances at your home. LG Jordan can set you up with hassle-free propane service and even provide free automatic delivery of your fuel!

Reach out to LG Jordan Oil & Gas to set up your home with natural gas service. Our team is ready to help.