Cold shower
Your water heater is an unsung hero in your home – an appliance you take for granted until one morning when an unexpected cold shower gives you a rather shocking reminder of just how much you rely on it.
The unfortunate reality is that water heaters don’t last forever: in fact, the average conventional water heater (one with a tank) lasts about 10 years or so* (a tankless water heater can last twice that long, since it doesn’t have to deal with storing corrosive water).
Once your water heater nears or passes its 10th birthday, repairing it doesn’t make much sense – especially when you consider that today’s propane models can reach up to 98 percent efficiency.
Still, it’s hard to think about making the investment in new equipment – until you start seeing signs that your water heater is on its last legs. Here are a few signs that the end could be near for your water heater.

  1. Poor performance. Keep an eye out for an uptick in your energy bills – or more cold showers.
  2. Leaks. A puddle under your water tank is never a good sign. If you see one, turn off your water supply and call a plumber.
  3. Rust. Rusty water in your tank means that it’s corroding from the inside out – a problem that could lead to a costly tank failure.
  4. Hard water. White stains on your flatware and glassware are common signs of hard water (water that contains minerals). Hard water will eventually cause a buildup of lime in your tank, which can reduce efficiency and hasten your water heater’s demise.
  5. Strange sounds. If you hear rumbling or sizzling noises in your storage tank, it’s not a ghost – it’s sediment build-up. If you don’t address the problem, it will eventually lead to bigger problems.

Don’t wait for an unplanned indoor pool in your basement to replace your old water heater. Contact LG Jordan Oil today to learn about propane-water heater options that meet your family’s needs and your budget!
* Want to know how old your heater is? Here’s a trick: look for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. The first letter in the serial number corresponds to its month of production; the first two numbers its year of production. For example, in the serial number D082738598, “D”, the fourth letter in the alphabet, corresponds to April, the fourth month. The number “08” represents the year. The water heater was produced in June 2008.