What Is Bulk Propane?

From Hospitality to Construction to Agriculture—Propane is a Vital Commercial Fuel!

bulk propane north carolinaPropane is widely popular among homeowners and businesses for its efficiency, convenience, low emissions, and versatility.

If your company, farm, worksite or municipality uses bulk propane, you’ll need the dependable bulk propane services from LG Jordan Oil Co. We’ve provided North Carolina commercial ventures of all sizes with responsive, personalized fuel service since 1924. Our family of customers includes:

  • Hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Laundromats
  • Farms, greenhouses, and other agricultural businesses
  • Manufacturing and construction

Here are some of the ways we keep Tar Heel State businesses running with our world-class bulk propane service:

Propane-Fired Commercial Appliances

Countless businesses depend on high-capacity propane-fired equipment to serve customers and keep their operations running smoothly. We deliver the propane—and provide on-site fuel storage solutions —to run:

  • Cooking equipment for eateries and cafeterias
  • Commercial clothes dryers for hotels and laundromats
  • Hot water systems for hotels, schools, and hospitals
  • Gas fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor heaters, and lighting for resorts and event spaces

Propane Power Generation

With our region’s electric grid becoming less reliable every year, many essential businesses rely on propane generators for backup power. Propane generators have tangible advantages over gasoline options. Propane has a nearly unlimited shelf life, and you don’t need to access a gas station—which might be closed without electricity—to fuel up.

Hospitals, schools and assisted living facilities count on LG Jordan for generator fuel. So do companies with server rooms that can’t afford to be without electricity. Independent power generation is essential for customers in remote areas, where power outages can stretch multiple days.

Dependable Portable Heating Solutions

You must be ready at your exposed construction site when the temperature drops suddenly. With propane heating, you can protect your employees from harm. You can also keep your project on schedule since reliable, robust propane heat ensures that compound, plaster, and paint adhere well — even in bitterly cold conditions.

Agricultural Uses for Propane

Farms, greenhouses, orchards—all of them depend on LG Jordan’s commercial propane services for:

  • Heating systems for barns, poultry houses, and other outbuildings
  • Propane weed burners
  • Propane crop-drying equipment
  • Backup power generators

If you’re in need of a dependable bulk propane provider, reach out to the LG Jordan team. We can create a customized propane delivery plan with your business’s needs in mind.