Select and Install the Perfect Propane Stove!

propane cooktop north carolinaDid you know that 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas? This overwhelming preference for gas-fired stoves and ranges reflects the superior control, efficiency, and power they provide…especially compared to electric cooking appliances.
Some homeowners think of gas ranges as a luxury, but getting one installed in your kitchen is relatively straightforward and affordable, too! A propane stove is a wonderful option for every home chef or home chef wannabe!

Advantages of a Propane Stove

  • Cooking with propane costs about half as much as cooking with electricity.
  • Propane gas heats evenly, reducing scorching, blackening and uneven cooking.
  • When you turn off a propane range, the heat instantly disperses, while an electric element stays hot for half an hour or more.
  • You need a gas range to char, toast, or flambé your food.
  • Electric cooktops only heat flat-bottom pans properly. A gas flame will heat any pan shape.
  • Many propane stoves will still work perfectly, even during a power outage.

How to Switch to a Propane Stove

Do you currently have an electric stove and want to switch to propane? Your local fuel supplier or gas appliance company can help! If you already have an onsite propane tank, they can connect a stove directly to it. If the stove is your only propane device, you can power it from storage as compact as a 100-pound tank. For homeowners in our service area, we can help find proper storage and deliver all the propane you need.
You also want to be aware of the ventilation around your gas stove. The flame will release exhaust, so it’s good to have an overhead range hood with a fan. If installing a fan isn’t possible, a simple solution is situating the propane stove near a window you can open as needed.

Basic Tips for Using Your Propane Stove

While you’re enjoying all the added performance and efficiency of a propane stove, here are some upkeep and safety tips to remember:

  • Keep your stove surface clean. Accumulated grease can ignite near a propane flame.
  • Don’t leave boiling liquids unattended. If they boil over and extinguish your flame, gas can accumulate in your kitchen.
  • Don’t let children play near your propane stove. If you have young children, it’s a smart move to get knob covers.
  • Bring in a service technician to inspect your propane cooking appliance once a year. They can check for leaks and make sure your burners are working correctly.

LG Jordan Oil Co. is always there to help you improve your home comfort with propane. We sell and install a variety of propane appliances. Contact us today to get more information or for a FREE estimate on the perfect propane appliance.