LG Jordan Helps You Take Charge of Your Fuel Costs!

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LG Jordan can’t control the cost of fuel and we can’t control the weather—however—we can help you keep heating bills manageable with our convenient and budget-friendly options! We offer multiple plans to help you enjoy peace of mind and avoid surprises while staying warm and comfortable.

Our Monthly Budget Plan

The LG Jordan Budget Payment Plan spreads out your fuel costs into even, affordable monthly installments.
Why is this a good thing? Looking up your heating oil and propane statements for the last year will show you why. Fuel costs will noticeably fluctuate over the course of the year. The winter months are usually more expensive because of the sizable demand that comes with using propane or heating oil to heat your home in the winter season.
Those higher bills come at the same time as tax season and the holidays, making it even more difficult to navigate. But when you are on our Budget Plan, your fuel costs will no longer fluctuate. You’ll know exactly how much you are paying each month for gas. This assists you in planning and budgeting with confidence—and all without worries!
With our Budget Plan, you’ll not only get the convenience of affordable payments, but also the reassurance that our dependable propane and heating oil delivery ensures.

Pre-Buy Program

Our Propane Pre-Buy Program gives you stability and security when it comes to your propane costs. In times like these, we’ll take all the stability and security we can get!
And right now is the time to enroll in Pre-Buy, ahead of the winter heating season. Our Automatic Delivery propane customers who use more than 400 gallons of propane a year can buy their propane for the winter in advance—when you may be able to save a lot of money, as propane prices tend to be lower in the summer months. You also won’t have to worry about sudden price spikes because of market fluctuations, supply chain problems, natural disasters, or geopolitical conflicts.
And don’t worry—if it’s a mild winter and you don’t use all the propane you bought, you can roll the credit balance forward!
Do you have questions about our pricing and payment options? We’re here for you! Get in touch and we’ll help you out.