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It’s Never Too Late for a Tune-Up!

heating repair costs north carolinaWe’re entering the winter season—and that means our home’s furnace or boiler will get to work keeping us warm, safe, and comfortable for the better part of the next few months.
The worst thing that could happen is if your heating system conks out on you. That means a service call and potentially a big repair bill. How big? The national average cost of a boiler repair is $395. For furnaces, the national average price is $307. Remember, these are just averages. Costs can fluctuate both up and down depending on the issue at hand.
In certain instances, it may be more cost-effective to replace your furnace or boiler in the long run—especially if repairs cost more than half of what a new heating system would. The national average cost to replace a furnace is $4,648, while a new boiler costs $5,776.
Do those numbers worry you? Contact one of our service technicians today to get your heating system its annual tune-up if it hasn’t been done already. That small investment can save you a lot of money and hassle. While things may be busy, we’ll do our best to get you in at our next available opportunity.

Regular Heating Maintenance is Critical!

An ounce of prevention can save you some big bucks. In fact, nearly four out of five heating system breakdowns can be directly traced back to a lack of regular, professional maintenance.
Another problem with not getting your heating system professionally tuned up each year is that many furnace and boiler manufacturers require that maintenance to keep the warranty in effect. If you can’t show proof of that maintenance, your warranty could be voided, and repair costs fall back on you.
Taking care of your furnace or boiler with an annual tune-up by a professional service technician can help you avoid big repair bills. The service technician not only tunes up the heating system, but they also inspect it. This allows them to spot and fix problems before they get worse and cause breakdowns and larger repair bills.
An annual tune-up also benefits you because your furnace or boiler will run at its maximum efficiency. That means it will use the least possible amount of heating oil or propane to heat your home, saving you on energy costs all winter long!
Looking to schedule a system inspection? Give us a call today. Do you need supplemental heating for your home? LG Jordan carries top-quality propane vented wall heaters from Rinnai, Heat Star, and Empire, too! Come visit our showroom at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex to see everything we have available.