winter propane bbq grill

No need to wait until summer!

If you’ve had enough of pot roasts and stews, and are longing for some fresh-off-the-grill steaks, it’s time to satisfy that craving!
You’re probably thinking, “But it’s winter. It’s kind of cold outside.”
You can still grill! Make some small adjustments and you can use your propane BBQ grill and enjoy your summertime favorites even in the dead of winter. Okay, so you probably won’t be dining al fresco at your North Carolina home. But that grilled goodness will still taste yummy indoors.
We’re here with some tips so you can safely grill right now and get delicious results.
Have plenty of propane. When it’s cold out, your propane BBQ grill needs more propane to get your grill hot and keep it hot. It takes about 10 minutes longer to warm up the grill than in the summer. Keep a spare cylinder of propane on hand so you don’t have to worry about a runout.
Put your grill in the right place. Your propane BBQ grill should be in a spot that’s as sheltered from the wind as possible. Place it so the wind is perpendicular to the flow of propane gas. That’s to prevent the wind from blowing the flame down the tube burners. You also need to watch closely while the grill is on that the wind doesn’t blow out the flame.
Think safety. Maintain a clear path to the grill to prevent falls. It makes sense to move your propane BBQ grill closer to the house. But make sure it’s at least 10 feet away for fire safety. NEVER use your grill in a covered or enclosed area such as a garage, carport or three-season porch. Don’t store your propane cylinders in these spaces, either. Don’t wear a scarf or anything that can dangle over the flame while grilling. Pay close attention to the flame as your heavy winter coat might prevent you from knowing you’re too close to the flame.
Keep the light on. Since it gets dark earlier in winter, make sure the area to and around the grill is well lit so you can run the grill safely and watch how the food is cooking. Invest in a grill light to get more direct lighting.
Make it fast. In this cold weather, think foods that grill quickly, like fish, kebabs, vegetables, boneless chicken, and steaks. You’ll use less propane and spend less time outside.
Do the prep. Speaking of working fast, make that easy be setting up in advance all the tools and ingredients you’ll need, such as tongs, sauces, brushes, and trays to bring the food out and back in.
Keep a lid on it. Every time you open your propane BBQ grill, it loses heat. Leave the lid down and vents open for faster, more even grilling.
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