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LG Jordan—We’re the Local Propane Tank Experts Who Can Help

propane storage north carolinaEvery home has different needs when it comes to determining the right size of its propane tank. You and a friend may have similar-sized homes, so, why not just get the same sized one as them? There are a lot of variables that affect what size propane tank is actually needed, such as:

  • How many propane appliances are in the home?
  • What kind of propane appliances are there?
  • The efficiency of the propane heating system?
  • How well the home is insulated?

Your friend may use propane strictly for home heating and water heating. You, on the other hand, may also have a propane range, fireplace, and clothes dryer. In that case, you’ll almost certainly need a larger tank.
Sometimes though, these calculations and determinations can be tough. So, if you need a propane tank for your home, LG Jordan is your one-stop-shop! We’ll give you a FREE estimate for any tank installation, secure any needed permits, and manage all aspects of the installation itself. What’s more is that our local, in-house team of licensed technicians can do both aboveground and underground tank installation.

Common Propane Tank Sizes and Applications

We’ll discuss your propane usage and needs thoroughly to ensure that you get the right size propane tank. This is especially important if you have recently added propane appliances to your home.
For increased familiarity, here’s a summary of standard propane tank sizes and the needs they meet so you have an idea of what you’ll likely need for your home:
60-gallon tanks. For people who only use propane for one appliance in their home, such as a range, space heater, or fireplace, this little tank is ideal.
120-gallon tank. If you have two appliances such a cooktop or clothes dryer that uses propane, this tank will almost certainly suffice. 
250-gallon tanks. This tank can hold enough propane for customers who have three or more propane appliances, such as stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters, space heaters, and fireplaces. This may be suitable for whole-house heating if you have a smaller square footage home.
320- and 500-gallon tanks. Larger or multifamily homes that rely on propane for heating and other appliances will likely require one of these sizes of tank.
1,000-gallon tanks. Commercial applications are where these tanks are most often used. However, if you have a large property and utilize multiple high-BTU appliances like a pool heater, you may need this size.
No matter what size tank you need, you’ll enjoy reliable propane delivery all year long with LG Jordan. Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate or to help you get started.