Gas log set
Everyone loves sitting by a cozy fire on a cold North Carolina night. But most of us don’t love the hassle of a setting up and maintaining a wood burning fireplace.
With a propane gas log set, you can get the warm glow of a fire without the splinters, embers and ash.
If you already have a beautiful fireplace mantle, you can up its efficiency and convenience factor dramatically – and enjoy other benefits, too – with a simple propane gas log installation (if you don’t have a mantle in place already, you can always install a freestanding, direct vent propane fireplace at a fraction of a cost of masonry construction).
Choose one of today’s beautifully detailed, realistic propane gas log sets and you will:

  • Eliminate renovating costs – Propane gas logs can be used in your current fireplace housing, so no additional construction is needed.
  • Lower bills – A propane gas log set can be four times more efficient than a wood fire, which means you’ll pay less to enjoy your heat.
  • Keep your family safer – Falling wood, flying embers and blown-back smoke are all wood burning safety issues – as is creosote buildup in an improperly maintained chimney. All of these problems are eliminated with a gas log set.
  • Experience greater convenience – With a propane gas log set, you just flick a switch and you’re ready for a night by the fire. Try that with a wood burning fireplace!
  • Shrink your carbon footprint – Less fuel needed means less environmental impact. Propane also burns cleaner than wood, so you’ll cut down on carbon emissions, too.

Enjoy nights by the fire at the flick of a switch with realistic propane gas log sets from LG Jordan! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate.