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Servicing Your Boiler or Furnace in the Off-Season is a Great Move to Make!

hvac tune-upWe know you probably haven’t thought about your boiler or furnace since you turned it off for the summer. But the off-season is an excellent time to schedule an annual “check-up” of your heating system. It helps ensure it’s still in good working order after a whole winter of keeping your home comfortable.
Your home’s heating equipment is a big investment. And when you install a high-efficiency, propane-fired system, you’re investing in your home’s value and ensuring that your family remains comfortable and safe during the coldest months in the North Carolina calendar year. Arranging yearly maintenance gives you peace of mind that it’s working at peak performance!

Annual Heating System Tune-Ups are Critical

There are countless benefits to getting routine service on your boiler or furnace, including:

  • Improved system efficiency. Proper maintenance can lower your fuel bills by as much as 10 percent!
  • A longer life expectancy. The modest expense of a tune-up is nothing compared to the high (thousands or more) cost of new equipment.
  • Fewer repairs. A service technician will catch small problems in your system and fix them before they cause expensive repairs.
  • Staying in compliance with your warranty. Most manufacturers require you to get regular service. Skipping a tune-up means you could be on the hook for a repair that the warranty normally covers.
  • An eco-friendlier home. Tune-ups improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Altogether, an annual visit from a skilled service technician pays dividends!

Summer is the Best Time to Bring in a Service Technician

A lot of homeowners wait until the temperatures start to drop before scheduling their tune-up. Unfortunately, the fall and winter are the worst times to arrange a visit from a technician. By that time, most techs are bogged down with emergency no-heat appointments.
The good news is that a tune-up doesn’t “wear off” during the mild months. So, you can schedule your maintenance during the summer and rest easy knowing that your system is optimized and ready to roll come winter!
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