What’s The Difference?

home space heaters north carolinaDoes your home have unheated, or inadequately, heated rooms and spaces?
You’re not alone. Many homes here in North Carolina do.
Perhaps it’s a former sunporch converted to living space, an addition built onto your home, or a garage or shed you use as a workshop.
We offer a solution that doesn’t involve the hassle and expense of running new ductwork or baseboards: vent-free propane heaters from LG Jordan!
Our heaters are of outstanding quality, and are made by top manufacturers Rinnai, Empire, and Heatstar.
With propane heaters, you can:

  • Get heating in spaces without heating, or that aren’t reached very well by your home’s heating system
  • Zone your home’s heating, so you only heat the space you’re in while not using your heating system to heat areas you’re not using, saving you on energy costs
  • Get your room warm faster than with central heating alone!

There are two kinds of propane heaters: vent-free and vented. Both have their distinct advantages. Read on to see what works best for your living situation!

Vent-free Propane Heaters

With a vent-free propane heater, ductwork and vents aren’t required. Installation is easier as well as less expensive than vented heaters.
You can also install them places you can’t install a vented heater, because vent-free heaters don’t need access to an external wall for venting.
They come in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right one for your space.
Today’s vent-free propane heaters come with safety features such as an oxygen depletion sensor, overheating protection, and automatic shutoff. But because exhaust is released inside the home, it is illegal to install vent-free heaters in rooms where people sleep. And some municipalities may ban them altogether. Check your local codes to clarification.
There are two basic types of vent-free propane heaters blue flame or infrared.

Infrared vent

free heaters use propane to heat ceramic panels that radiate heat onto objects (or people) in the room rather than by heating the air itself. Because infrared heaters are an extremely targeted heat source, they’re great to be near if you’re coming in from the cold outside.

Blue flame vent-free heaters

 warm the air in the room using convection. That makes them take a little longer to heat a room. However, you get more consistent temperature control than with an infrared heater. These heaters are the best choice for insulated spaces.

Vented Propane Heaters

Vented propane heaters are vented out from the back of the unit into a chimney or a vent pipe so any dangerous combustion exhausts are directed outside.
They offer a more precise heat that you have more control over. However, they do need to be installed on an exterior wall, so that may limit your placement options for the space you are looking to heat.
Because of also having to install the necessary venting equipment, installation takes longer and is more expensive than vent-free heaters.
Trust LG Jordan with safe, expert installation of a heater that’ll perfectly fit and warm up your residential space. Contact us today to get started with a FREE no-obligation estimate!