Get Fast, Easy, and Safe Warmth—Wherever You Want It!

space heaters north carolinaIf you think that winter’s chill means you won’t be able to work in your garage or shed—or enjoy the view from your sunporch—we have some good news for you!
LG Jordan sells a variety of propane space heaters that can add warmth and comfort wherever you need them—and we can even help you get any rebates your new propane space heater qualifies for! You’ll be able to enjoy using your garage, a shed, workshop, or studio, or a three-season sunporch all year-round. Underheated spaces in your home, such as home additions, can also be kept warm and comfy with a space heater, which keeps you from having to crank up the thermostat and subsequently drive up your energy costs.
We’ll make sure you get the right size propane heater for your specific needs. For example, if you’re heating a space of around 100 square feet, you’ll need a space heater that throws out 2,500 British Thermal Units (BTUs). A larger area of roughly 400 square feet will require a space heater that produces 13,600 BTUs.
You don’t want to pick a space heater with insufficient BTUs for the area because it will not be able to comfortably heat your space. Conversely, a space heater that produces far more BTUs than are required for heating your room is inefficient because you’re burning through excessive amounts of propane unnecessarily.

What Kind of Propane Space Heaters Are There?

  • Vented propane heaters expel potentially dangerous combustion gases via a chimney (vent pipe) or a vent. Any hazardous fumes are released outside by venting them out the back of the device. These units provide greater precision and control over the temperature.

Because vented space heaters must be placed on an exterior wall, your choices for where they may be put in your room are more limited. Installing vented heaters takes longer and is more expensive than installing vent-free heaters.

  • Vent-free heaters don’t require ductwork or vents, making them easier to install and less expensive than vented heaters. They may also be used where vented heaters can’t go because vent-free heaters don’t need access to an exterior wall for ventilation.

When it comes to vent-free propane heaters, you have a variety of options. They are available in several sizes, and you have the choice of infrared heating, which generates heat via radiation, or blue flame heating, which uses convection to warm the area.
Safety features such as oxygen depletion sensors, overheat protection, and automatic cut-off are common in vent-free propane heaters. Because exhaust is released inside the home when vent-free heaters are utilized, it is not permissible to install them in rooms where people sleep. Some municipalities may completely prohibit them. Before you select a space heater, check your local codes. We can help you with this task if you’re unsure.
Ready to add the comfort of a propane space heater to your home? Come visit our showroom at 314 North Hughes Street, Apex, NC to find the right one for your space!