How To Replace Your Propane Grill Tank

Propane offers efficient, portable fuel for your freestanding grill.

grill tank refill apex, nc Let’s be honest: barbecuing is serious business here in the Tar Heel State.

Whether you’re arguing over the proper cooking time for a perfectly medium-rare steak or the relative merits of Lexington versus East Coast BBQ sauce, there’s a lot to disagree about when you grill. But one thing that a vast majority of North Carolina grillers agree on is using propane at the barbecue.

Propane provides a powerful flame with no chemical taste and virtually no particulate matter. Unlike charcoal, propane lights up and turns off instantly. Propane grills require far less clean-up time than their charcoal equivalents.

One of the most convenient things about grilling with propane is how easily portable a propane cylinder is. A medium-sized grill can get between 18 and 20 hours of cook time from a single 20-pound propane tank; when it’s time to change out the cylinder, the process is straightforward.

Changing out a grill tank

Before you replace a propane tank, you should confirm that the grill is fully turned off and the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

To remove your empty cylinder, you should first unscrew the grill’s pressure regulator by turning it all the way to the left. If your grill has a restraining bolt for the cylinder, loosen it so you can lift it out. Finally, you can remove the cylinder from the grill’s storage compartment.

To attach the new cylinder, you essentially reverse this process. Insert the full cylinder into the storage compartment. Tighten the restraining bolt, if applicable, then attach and tighten the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve.

Before you start grilling, check your propane cylinder, attachments and hose for leaks.

A Simple leak test for your propane grill

Here’s an easy way to check for gas leaks from your propane cylinder and grill connections.

  1. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this soapy mixture onto the cylinder’s valve and the grill’s hose and regulator.
  3. Open the cylinder valve and inspect all the places where the solution was applied. If you see bubbling, there could be a leak.
  4. Close the valve and tighten all your connections.
  5. Reopen the valve. If you still see bubbling, there is likely a leak. Contact your propane provider about inspecting and replacing your cylinder, regulator or hose.

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