Learn How to Switch Your Propane Tank Safely and Easily!

grill tank how to north carolinaHow often do you cook out in the summer? With beautiful weather and longer daylight, you might find yourself burning through propane quickly as you grill up steaks, burgers, spareribs, and seafood.

When handling propane cylinders—even empty ones—it’s essential to follow best practices. At LG Jordan Oil Co., we sell and install grills and other propane appliances that use portable tanks. Here’s a rundown of how to detach and remove an empty cylinder from your grill:

1.Confirm the Tank is Near or Completely Empty

Many propane grills are equipped with a scale gauge that gives an approximate reading of how full your cylinder is. You can also purchase one of these gauges. Especially if you’re exchanging your cylinder instead of refilling it, you want to ensure its empty—or very nearly empty—before getting a new one.

As an alternative, keep a spare cylinder around so you can easily swap it in when the other one is depleted. Just be sure to store this extra cylinder upright and away from your grill and other flame or spark-producing appliances. Cylinders should also be stored in open air or well-ventilated areas and away from extreme heat.

2.Turn Off the Grill and Close Your Cylinder

Before you disconnect your fuel tank, you need to make sure that everything is closed. Turn the knobs on your grill to the respective “OFF” positions, then be sure to twist your cylinder valve handle all the way to the right.

3.Disconnect Your Propane Cylinders

Now, it’s time to remove the empty cylinder from your grill. For most grills, you would turn the pressure regulator clockwise to unscrew it from the tank. After that, you can take the cylinder out of the grill’s storage compartment.

If your grill’s connections differ from those described above, please consult your owner’s manual.

4.Refill Your Cylinder

Ready to get a fresh supply of propane for your grill?

If you’re in our service area, we can refill your tank right at our Apex, NC, showroom! We guarantee that you’ll receive more fuel with us than you’d receive in a cylinder exchange. As a reminder, always refill your cylinder immediately before returning home. Don’t leave a portable propane tank in a hot, closed vehicle.

Want to start receiving home propane deliveries from the most trusted fuel company in the region? Contact LG Jordan today to become a customer!