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Should I Refill or Exchange My Propane Grill Tank?

Hint: Topping Off Your Portable Propane Tank is Generally a Better Deal!

propane tank refill apex, nc Did you know that about 61 percent of American grill owners use propane? It’s true—and there are a lot of good reasons that outdoor chefs choose this fuel!

Probably the most significant advantage of grilling with propane is convenience. If you’ve barbecued with both propane and charcoal, you know that the latter requires much more labor and time. Charcoal takes between 30 minutes to an hour to heat up. It sometimes takes even longer. With propane, you open the gas valve and ignite the burners. Then you’re good to go with a powerful, easily adjustable flame.

When your meal is done, all you need to do is shut off your grill. Charcoal needs to cool down to be safe for disposal, and cleaning up the ash and coals will likely muck up your clothes.

Another appealing thing about propane grilling is how the fuel is easily transportable in portable cylinders. But what should you do when your propane cylinder runs out? Is it better to refill it or exchange it for a new tank?

Refilling Your Propane Cylinder is Nearly Always a Better Choice

At LG Jordan Oil Co., we’ve found that refilling your propane cylinder is more cost-effective than exchanging it. When you trade in one cylinder for another, you lose any propane left in your old tank. But when you get a propane refill, you only pay for the fuel you add.

And when you get your cylinder refilled at our office (314 North Hughes Street in Apex, NC), you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

In addition to enjoying our everyday low prices, you get more fuel. The LG Jordan team fills cylinders with more propane than you receive with a cylinder exchange!

If you drop by at the beginning and end of our business day, we can typically refill your propane grill tank right away.

How Long Do Propane Cylinders Last?

Most grillers use a 20-pound propane cylinder. A medium-sized grill will burn through the fuel in one of these tanks after about 18 and 20 hours of cooking. This roughly translates to eight to 10 cooking sessions per tank. If you have a grill with a larger cooking area and more burners, you may deplete your 20-pound tank in 10 hours.

Don’t worry if you leave your grill unused for a while. Propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life, and portable propane cylinders are qualified for use up to 12 years after their manufacturing date, per the Department of Transportation.

Let LG Jordan Help with Recertifying Your Propane Grill Tank

Is your propane cylinder approaching 12 years of use? The team at LG Jordan can recertify it for you. We’ll inspect it for damage, corrosion, or other safety issues.

We can make any necessary repairs or replace it outright, for less. Our inspections are good for five years. Don’t worry—we’ll clearly mark the new expiration on your cylinder!

You can also step up your grilling game by upgrading with one of our top-of-the-line Wilmington grills. Just get in touch with us to learn more!