LG Jordan Can Provide You a Full Propane Cylinder—With Zero Hassles!

grill tank refill north carolinaPropane cylinders are most known for their use with propane BBQ grills. But there’s so much more they can do around your North Carolina home!
You can enjoy your backyard with added warmth with the assistance of a propane outdoor fireplace, firepit, or deck and patio heater. Portable cylinders also help to power generators that keep lights on in your home when the power goes out.
No matter what your end use is, LG Jordan ensures that you always have full propane cylinders with our propane cylinder refill service. Come to our offices, located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex, NC during regular business hours and we’ll refill your cylinder while you wait.
Not only do we offer fast and easy propane cylinder refills, but we can also recertify your propane cylinder, too! This is necessary if it is more than 12 years old, or if it has been more than five years since its last recertification.
If your cylinder is unsafe and can’t be recertified, we’ll safely dispose of it for you.

What’re the Advantages of Propane Cylinder Refills vs Cylinder Exchanges?

Refilling a propane cylinder is considerably less expensive than exchanging a propane cylinder. In fact, you save approximately $1.75 per gallon over the cost of propane from a cylinder exchange!
With a propane cylinder refill, you only pay for the propane dispensed into your cylinder during the refill. Consider the situation when you’re exchanging a propane cylinder. It may not have much propane left in it, but you can’t keep it even though you paid for it. You get to keep use every bit of propane we give you with our propane cylinder refill.

Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

Before you set out for your next fill-up, make sure you take these safety tips into consideration:

  • Do not transport more than four cylinders at a time if you’re using an enclosed vehicle.
  • Always keep your propane cylinders upright to ensure that the safety release valve functions properly. They are more likely to malfunction if cylinders are placed on their sides, resulting in a possible leak of liquid propane into your automobile.
  • Don’t smoke while transporting cylinders.
  • Keep the car windows open a bit for ventilation.
  • Don’t leave cylinders in the car, especially if it’s hot outside. Make your refill station your final stop if you must make stops.
  • Never store or use propane cylinders indoors, in the garage, or in an enclosed space like a carport or sunporch.

Need a fill-up for your grill or backyard appliance? Stop by LG Jordan’s Apex office and get fast, affordable propane cylinder refills, today.