propane tank

8 ways propane is versatile, green and clean!

Sure, propane can run your barbecue grill. But that’s only the beginning of all the things propane can do for your North Carolina home or business, and for the environment here in the Tar Heel State.
Look beyond the backyard barbecue and you’ll see just how many things propane can do, especially when you compare it with electricity as a home energy source.
Here are eight facts you might not know about clean, green, and versatile propane:

  • Propane is an alternative fuel included in the 1990 expansion of the Clean Air Act. Why? Because it emits much fewer greenhouse gases than other fuel sources. Propane is also better for the environment because it doesn’t damage air, soil or water when a propane tank leaks.
  • Propane is a workhorse in your home, offering efficient power to boilers, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, and hearths.
  • A propane gas stove elevates your cooking with precise temperature control that instantly adjusts – something you’ll never get with electricity. Propane clothes dryers dry your clothes quicker and with fewer wrinkles, too!
  • There’s more ways propane can improve outdoor living than just the barbecue grill. Propane can heat your pool or spa, run your fire pit or outdoor fireplace, extend your outdoor fun with propane patio heaters, and power a mosquito trap.
  • Keep your home safe and comfortable even in the worst North Carolina weather with a whole-house propane backup generator. It can run your lights, refrigerator, well water pumps, electronics, and sump pump.
  • Propane is a great fuel source for North Carolina’s agriculture industry. It’s used to heat barns, greenhouses and orchards. It can run equipment like irrigation engines, vehicles, grain dryers, generators and water heaters.
  • Propane Autogas is becoming a popular way to power light- and medium-duty fleets. It offers fewer emissions, less maintenance time, and the lowest cost-of-ownership. Propane Autogas is powering vehicles from delivery vans to school buses.
  • Propane is primarily made in the United States – in fact, $46 billion of America’s gross domestic product comes from the propane industry. When you use propane from a local business like LG Jordan, you’re supporting your neighbors.

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