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Why propane from LG Jordan makes sense

propane's advantagePropane and natural gas are both popular choices for home heating here in North Carolina.
For those of you who have to decide whether to use propane or natural gas in your home, we have some information that tilts the scale well in favor of propane. Here’s why!

Propane is more energy efficient

Have you ever seen BTU mentioned when discussing energy efficiency? It’s an abbreviation for British Thermal Units, which are used to measure heat. Natural gas has 1,030 BTU per cubic foot. Propane leaves that in the dust with 2,490 BTU per cubic foot. With propane, you get the heat you want, all while using less energy. That’s more money in staying right in your wallet!

Enjoy the versatility of propane

Propane can do that. It can heat your water better than an electric water heater. Propane heats double the amount of water an hour compared with electricity. And because propane also comes in cylinders, it can be used to run your BBQ grill, fire pit, patio heaters and more!

You can get propane anywhere

If you want natural gas, you have to live in a neighborhood where there is a natural gas line. Propane is stored in a tank on your property, so you can have propane wherever you live.

Propane is better for the planet

Unlike natural gas, propane is not a greenhouse gas. And it won’t harm water, soil or water if there is a leak.

You can count on propane

With natural gas, you are dependent on the natural gas lines in your community. If something happens to a gas line in your area, your gas supply is cut off. You won’t have fuel for heating, hot water, cooking or anything else you do with gas in your home, possibly for days. That’s not an issue with propane. And, when you get automatic propane delivery from LG Jordan, you won’t have to worry about a propane run-out!
Find out more about what propane can do for you. Get in touch with LG Jordan today, and see if your home or business is in our service area!