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Local Propane Tank Maintenance, Installation and Removal Services from LG Jordan

Service Wake, Chatham and many surrounding counties!

If you think you need more frequent fill-ups, you may need a bigger tank. Have you added new appliances, such as a clothes dryer or a grill? Have you added a bathroom? Are there more people living in your home? These are the kinds of changes that can increase your propane consumption.

LG Jordan can help. Our team is licensed and experienced to make sure your propane tank installation is done properly and safely. We will work with you to make sure you have the best size tank for your needs, and ensure that it is sited correctly for safety and optimal performance.

Building a home or remodeling?

LG Jordan will work with your builder or contractor, handling everything from providing free estimates for your tank installation (aboveground or underground) securing the necessary permits and handling all other details until the project is complete.

If you’re remodeling or expanding your home, trust LG Jordan to assist you with adding the necessary gas lines, upsizing your existing tank or installing a new one to accommodate your new propane demands.

Many tank sizes are available—built to perfectly fit your needs!

Our team of propane pros can assess your needs and help you choose the tank size that’s right for you. We have a wide range of sizes to suit your home’s needs—including smaller tanks to provide fuel for multiple appliances like water heaters, cooktops, dryers and gas logs. We also install larger tanks to to heat a large home as well as run appliances and even heat a pool or spa.

If you’re adding a generator, trust LG Jordan to get it set up for you and connect the generator to your propane tank.

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