Propane Cylinder Refills & Recertifications

Bring your portable propane cylinder to us today for a quick and easy refill!

propane cylinder refillsIf you use portable propane tanks for grills, patio heaters or other devices and need a propane cylinder refill, please bring your cylinder to our office and showroom located at 314 North Hughes Street, Apex.

While you’re there, we can let you know if you require a propane cylinder recertification.

While most folks come to us for a refill of 20-pound cylinders for their grill, we can fill other propane cylinder sizes: 30-, 40- or 100-pound cylinders.

The best time to come in for a refill is when we first open on weekdays — from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., or at the end of the business day — from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If a member of our trained staff is not available, you can still drop off your cylinder at any time. We’ll then call you when it has been refilled and ready to be picked up!

Why is a propane cylinder refill better than a cylinder exchange?

When you refill your cylinder with us, we fill it with more propane than you would get at a tank exchange. More and more people are coming in for a refill instead of going to an exchange after they understand they get more for their money with us — and they don’t run out of propane as fast.

We offer propane cylinder recertifications, too!

Your propane cylinder may require recertification. This is a simple external inspection process we conduct to make sure your portable tank conforms to Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards. A portable propane cylinder needs to be inspected for use if it was manufactured at least 12 years ago or last certified five or more years ago.

We will also inspect the cylinder for any damage, such as dents or corrosion, and repair it if possible. We will perform a cylinder leak test, too.

If your cylinder passes inspection, we will mark it with the month and year of inspection. Each inspection is valid for five years.

If we determine that your cylinder is not safe to operate anymore and we cannot repair it, we must take that cylinder out of commission. We’ll handle the disposal for you.

Make sure to transport your propane cylinder safely:

  • All propane cylinders must be transported in an upright position after they are filled. Cylinders should not be transported on their side.
  • Do NOT leave a filled tank inside your car for any length of time, especially in the summer.

Please visit this page to find more information and tips on overall propane safety. Contact us if you have any questions about propane cylinder refills and recertification.