How Propane Is Better For The Environment Than Electricity

propane earth friendly north carolinaThis year’s Earth Day on April 22nd is quite different than the first Earth Day in 1970.
Thanks to the activism that Earth Day helped spark, initiatives like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act were passed, helping to further reduce air and water pollution in the United States.
While there have been many improvements in our environment, many challenges still remain. Our waters are under assault by a constant influx of trash pollution, while deforestation around the world has caused problems with soil erosion and the loss of trees that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
It’s simply a fact that the threat of damage caused by climate change continues to loom.
However, there are things we as individuals can do to help the environment. We can recycle and compost. And with reliable propane delivery from LG Jordan, you can have clean-burning propane in your home to make it more environmentally friendly all year long!
Propane offers several advantages when it comes to the environment. It is a domestic product with more than 90% of our propane supply made right here in the United States.
There are three other distinct ways propane is good for the environment. We’ll detail those below:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Propane combustion produces less than half of the greenhouse gas emissions made by electricity generation to produce the same amount of energy. Propane also contains less carbon than other fossil fuels such as heating oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and ethanol.

Improving Your Energy Efficiency

Reduced energy use leads to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Propane can do that for your home!
Appliances that run on propane usually use a great deal less energy than similar electric appliances. For example, a propane tankless water heater can save you up to 50% on energy costs compared with a similar water heater that’s powered by electricity. A propane clothes dryer saves energy by getting laundry dryer 25% faster than comparable electric dryers.

Protecting The Environment

Unlike crude oil, propane is nontoxic and does not spill, pool, or leave a residue in the rare event of a propane leak. It simply dissipates into the air. Propane also will not harm water, soil, air, aquatic life, or plant life.
Get dependable propane delivery from LG Jordan and enjoy the cleaner, benefits this fuel has to offer—today!