LG Jordan is here to take care of your tanks

propane tank recertification north carolinaPropane cylinders are great for your BBQ grill, but there’s so much more they can do around your North Carolina home.
Outdoors, they can run everything from your deck or patio heater to your firepit to your insect trap. And they can run a portable propane-powered generator so you can keep lights on when the power is out.
LG Jordan is here to help make sure that you always have the propane cylinders you need for your home. Not only do we provide propane cylinder refills, but we can also recertify your cylinder as well!

Why do I need propane cylinder recertification?

When propane cylinders are manufactured, they are only certified for 12 years. After that, they need a professional recertification every five years. No propane refill service will fill an uncertified propane cylinder.
There is a date stamped on the collar of your propane cylinder. That is when the cylinder was manufactured. If that date is longer than 12 years ago, you are required to recertify the cylinder.
If your cylinder needs to be recertified, come to our office and showroom, located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex, during regular business hours. We’ll carefully inspect your cylinder for dents or corrosion and perform a leak test. If it passes, we’ll recertify your cylinder.

Propane cylinder safety tips

Whether you’re bringing your propane cylinder for a refill or recertification, make sure you’re doing it properly and safely.

  • Make sure the cylinder valve is closed.
  • Propane cylinders need to be kept upright when you’re transporting them.
  • Make sure propane cylinders are secure and don’t move or roll around.
  • Do not transport your cylinder in a closed trunk.
  • Do not leave propane cylinders unattended in your car, especially in warm weather. Come straight to LG Jordan for your refill.

When it comes to storing propane cylinders at your home, there are some key rules to follow.

  • Always store propane cylinders outdoors.
  • NEVER store propane cylinders indoors or in the basement, in a shed or garage, or in a covered area like a carport.
  • Propane cylinders need to be kept upright when stored.
  • DO NOT store cylinders near your BBQ grill or another potential source of ignition like a deck or patio heater.

Contact us to find out more about our propane cylinder recertification service and how we can take care of your tank, today!