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safety with propane north carolinaPropane is a versatile, efficient fuel source for your North Carolina home.
Thanks to government regulations and stringent industry standards upheld by providers like LG Jordan, propane also has an incredibly strong safety record.
You still need to know how to use propane safely, and how to properly protect your loved ones when using it. Today, we’ll focus on some key things to know about how to practice propane safety outdoors with your propane BBQ grill and other outdoor appliances.

Safe use of propane outdoors

There are so many things propane can do in your backyard. This, of course, includes running your BBQ grill. But, it too can fuel deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, insect traps, and pool and spa heaters.
When it comes to utilizing your cylinders, which can power any number of the appliances noted above, here are some helpful DO’s and DON’T’s!
DO store propane cylinders upright and away from the house.
DON’T store propane cylinders in the garage, sunporch, shed, or covered areas like a carport.
DO inspect your propane cylinders regularly, looking for dents, rust, or other signs of damage.
DON’T store cylinders on the ground. Moisture can lead to rust. Store them on an elevated flat surface that will not burn or collect water.
DO place your grill on a flat, level surface.
DON’T use your grill if the igniter is broken. Look into buying a grill with an automatic igniter.
DO have everything you need for grilling with you — tongs, mitts, brushes, sauces, food, and platters — before you start the grill
DON’T leave a lit grill unattended.
DO keep your grill and other outdoor propane appliances at least three feet from all doors and windows on your home, and at least 10 feet from any air intake device.
DON’T let kids or pets get closer than three feet from the grill or other outdoor propane appliances
DO place your grill and other outdoor propane appliances at least five feet away from furniture, fabrics, trees, bushes, and railings.
DON’T use your grill or any other outdoor propane appliance in the garage or any other enclosed or covered area.
DO have your outdoor propane appliances professionally installed according to instructions from the manufacturer as well as all propane regulations, codes, and standards.
DON’T skip maintenance of your outdoor propane appliances. They should be inspected and serviced annually, preferably by a professional.
Have any questions about propane safety? Get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to help assist you! At LG Jordan, customer safety and satisfaction are our top priority.