Building a Propane-Powered Outdoor Kitchen

Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining and Boost Your Home Value

propane grills apex, nc With spring just around the corner, families are getting their propane grills ready for the warmer weather to come. Whether you’re a rib connoisseur or pride yourself on perfectly searing a salmon fillet, propane grills offer maximum temperature control and minimal cleaning.

While many households have their own high-quality Wilmington grills and souped them up with griddles, lava rocks, smoke kits, steamers, and additional warming racks, perhaps your ready to take an even further step this year.

For outdoor chefs who want to kick up their culinary mastery to the next level, it’s worth considering upgrading from a grill to a fully loaded propane-powered outdoor kitchen space.

And did you know LG Jordan Oil Co. can help you craft exactly that?

Top-Of-The-Line Summerset Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens bring the complete meal-making process into the open air. There is virtually no meal that you cannot make al fresco. The Summerset products we both sell and install are among the most high-performance luxury options around!

A Summerset outdoor kitchen island can be tailored to your specific parameters, both for space and desired features, and connected to your home’s stationary propane tank, as opposed to a small, portable cylinder. These outdoor kitchens come in your choice of elegant, imported tile.

As far as the cooking products themselves, they are world-class, with such features as:

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel design
  • Double-lined hoods
  • Front and interior lighting
  • Easy-clean briquette cooking system
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Infrared sear burners

There’s only one thing to worry about. Once you install a Summerset outdoor kitchen, your friends and family will never want to eat anywhere else!

What are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen Space?

Households that install an outdoor kitchen enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Lower electric bills. Cooking inside during the summer season leads to increased air conditioning costs in return. Moving to your outdoor kitchen gives your A/C a break.
  • Improved home value. While your return on investment from installing an outdoor kitchen may vary, you can expect your home’s value to increase through the addition of a fixated, outdoor entertainment space.
  • Fewer food smells in the home. When you cook outside, any smoke or strong smells will blow away with the wind.
  • Fewer trips to the restaurant. You and your friends will be more likely to gather around the new outdoor kitchen island than spend a small fortune at a restaurant.

Looking for Gas or Propane Appliances? Stop by the LG Jordan Showroom Today!

At LG Jordan, we have provided home heating fuel and heating system services for many years. But we also sell a wide selection of propane-fired appliances at our Apex showroom. These products include grill and outdoor kitchens, as well as:

Please feel free to drop by our showroom during regular business hours and see what we have to offer. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions. And if you buy a propane appliance from us, our trained and licensed technicians will install it promptly and safely.

If you have any questions about our outdoor kitchens or other gas or propane amenities, contact the LG Jordan team today.