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Enjoy Grilling—Even in Winter Months—with Propane!

winter grilling north carolinaSure, the thermometer certainly says it’s wintertime. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh, flavorful summertime foods. It’s always the right time to grill when you have a propane grill in your arsenal!
With propane, your grill is ready to go in minutes. You don’t have to wait for a half-hour or longer, as you do with charcoal. You also don’t have to clean up ashes after you’re done grilling. Just give the grill grates a quick cleaning, turn off the grill and the supply valve for your propane cylinder, and go back inside where it’s nice and warm.

Propane Gas Grills, Installation & More from LG Jordan

If you’re in the market for upgrading your existing grill setup this season, LG Jordan can help you with our wide selection of propane gas grills at our showroom, located at 314 North Hughes Street in Apex, NC. Our propane appliance experts will help you choose the right grill for your distinct needs and your budget.
We also offer year-round propane cylinder refills and recertification. Want to skip the cylinders altogether? You can have your propane gas grill connected to your home’s propane tank for grilling with absolutely no worries about ever running out of propane!

Winter Grilling Tips

Grilling in the winter isn’t quite the same as the summer. Here are some tips to grill properly and safely in colder weather.

  1. Make sure you can safely get to your grill. Clear a safe path free from ice, snow, or debris from your home to your grill to avoid the risk of slips and falls. Also, make sure the area around your grill is clear on both sides for safe ventilation.
  2. Carefully inspect your grill. Leaks and cracks in your grill and hoses can be more common in colder weather. Check both thoroughly, every time, before you grill.
  3. Always grill outside. Grilling in an enclosed area can cause deadly carbon monoxide to build up. Avoid areas within a garage or sunporch, beneath and overhangs, and other places where ventilation isn’t adequate.
  4. Dress for safety and warmth. Use gloves instead of mittens for grilling because they’re better at handling utensils. However, even the best winter gloves don’t have enough insulation to protect you from the heat of a grill or anything that’s too hot. Don’t wear scarves or anything too bulky or baggy that can hang too close to an open flame.
  5. Take extra time. Your grill will take longer to preheat with the colder outdoor air. Preheat it to 400Ëš, which takes about 10 minutes and adjust as needed for grilling. Food will also take a few minutes longer to cook, so plan accordingly.
  6. Watch out for wind.  If you’re grilling at lower temperatures, make sure the wind doesn’t blow out the flame. Position your grill to block as much wind as possible while still allowing for safe ventilation.
  7. Keep the grill closed. Heat escapes every time you open your grill, so keep that to a minimum. Use simple recipes that don’t allow a lot of checking and flipping. A wireless grill thermometer can help with that.

Get a top-quality propane grill for year-round grilling pleasure. Stop by our Apex showroom and we’ll help you get the right one for you. We offer a great selection of popular Broilmaster models—from basic, classic styles to deluxe models with multilevel grills, smokers, griddles, side burners and more!