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Don’t let an accident ruin your summer fun!

propane grill safety north carolinaMemorial Day weekend, also known as the official start of grilling season, is just a few short weeks away. And, it’s no coincidence that May is also National BBQ Month!
If you have a propane BBQ grill, you have a lot of company. Nearly sixty-two percent of households in the United States that have a grill use a gas grill.
Propane owes some its popularity to its convenience and ease. You don’t have the work, wait, and messy cleanup that come with using a charcoal grill. Who wants all of that, especially on a weeknight when you want dinner on the table fast?
With propane, all you have to do is open the supply valve, turn on the burners, and you are ready to grill in just a few minutes. And when you’re done, just do a quick cleaning of the grates, turn off the grill and supply valve, and walk away.
While you’re cleaning up your propane BBQ grill after its winter’s rest and looking up new grilling recipes, you also need to brush up on propane safety when it comes to using your grill.

Put safety first when grilling

Here are some things you need to know about and do to keep safe while you’re using your propane BBQ grill:

  • Clean your propane grill, not just the grates, regularly. One in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when you’re grilling. Check it regularly to make sure it’s in working order – just in case.
  • Place the grill is on a flat, level surface to reduce the chance of it tipping. Make sure it is at least five feet from the house, outdoor furniture, trees, bushes, and anything else. Keep kids and pets that far away, too.
  • NEVER leave a lit grill unattended.
  • Don’t use your grill if the starter is broken. Look into buying a grill with an automatic starter.
  • NEVER use your propane grill indoors or in an enclosed or covered area like a garage or carport. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal odorless and colorless gas, can build up.

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