Stay Safe This Summer When Using Your Propane Grill or Range

propane grills north carolinaSummer officially kicks off June 20th, but you’ve probably commenced your warm-weather fun already. When the days are lovely in North Carolina, it’s always fun to have a group of friends and family over for a big meal.
Whether you’re grilling steaks in the backyard or pan-frying shrimp and oysters on your stove, propane provides precise temperature control and strong heat. Propane is also energy-efficient, clean-burning and non-toxic, too.
At LG Jordan Oil Co., we know propane, and we want our valued customers to enjoy their propane appliances safely. Here are 10 crucial safety tips for your summer cooking.

5 Essential Propane Grilling Tips

When you power your home barbecue with propane, you get even, controlled heat without the messy clean-up charcoal requires. Although propane is one of the safer fuels around, it’s essential to practice proper safety procedures at the grill.

  1. Only use your grill outdoors in a well-ventilated area. NEVER bring it—or your propane cylinders—into your home, garage, basement, or other enclosed space.
  2. When your propane supplier refills your cylinder, have them check for damage, rust, leaks, and other safety issues.
  3. Keep children away from your propane cylinders and grill…especially if they’re in use.
  4. NEVER leave a grill unattended when it’s lit—make sure you have everything you need close at hand before cooking, and a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.
  5. Store your cylinder — whether it’s empty or filled — upright and never in high temperatures.

5 Essential Propane Range Tips

Propane-fired stoves and ovens offer far better heat quality than their electric counterparts. As with a grill, you need to be aware of safety concerns.

  1. Make sure your range surface is clean of grease and other grime that can catch fire.
  2. Don’t line the bottom of your propane-fired oven with foil. Doing this constricts airflow.
  3. Always keep an eye on boiling liquids. They might extinguish a burner flame if they boil over, resulting in gas accumulation.
  4. Keep children away from your range’s control knobs.
  5. Look out for burner flames that aren’t colored blue. A blue flame means that your propane is burning efficiently, but an orange or yellow flame indicates that your burners aren’t working correctly. You should call a service technician.

LG Jordan Is Your Local Propane Partner

If your home heating and appliances run on propane, LG Jordan offers the most reliable fuel delivery in the region. With our automatic delivery option, we track your fuel levels based on past usage and current weather conditions, then deliver propane before you run low.
If you need propane for your grill, LG Jordan can refill your propane cylinder at our Apex, NC office. We’ll fill it with more propane than you get at a tank exchange. We’ll even perform a safety check and recertify your cylinder.
Are you ready to have a propane supplier that genuinely cares about your home comfort? LG Jordan Oil Co. wants to be that supplier—join our family of customers today!