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LG Jordan helps you get through stormy weather

propane generator north carolinadThe 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is shaping up to be one that smashes old records. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there may be as many as 25 named storms this season.
To put that figure into context, the average hurricane season has 12 storms.
North Carolina has seen nature’s fury this summer, most recently with Hurricane Isaias. Dangerous winds reaching almost 100 mph and rainfall of more than 5 inches made for lots of property damage.
Storms like Isaias also make for lots of power outages. Whether you live in town or further out, you can end up being without power for days, if not a week or more.
That’s why so many of your neighbors are installing propane whole-house backup generators. They can be prepared for bad weather or anything else that knocks out power.
LG Jordan offers quality propane whole-house generators to meet your needs so you can keep your home, property, and your loved ones safe.

Four benefits of a propane whole-house backup generator:

Keep your family safe

A propane whole-house backup generator does a lot more than just keep the lights on: It can also make sure the refrigerator is running to keep medications someone in your family uses safe, it can make sure medical equipment like home dialysis or electric wheelchairs have power, and it can keep your home’s security system up and running to ensure your safety.

Protect your home

If you have a sump pump in your basement, it won’t run if the power’s out. And with rainfall like what we had with Isaias, an inoperable sump pump can mean a flooded basement, thousands of dollars in damage, and perhaps destroyed keepsakes. But a propane whole-house generator keeps the sump pump running to help keep your basement dry.

Save your food

Did you know that some of the food in your refrigerator can begin to go bad in as little as four hours after the power goes out? A power outage that lasts days means you’ve lost hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. That’s especially true if you also have a separate freezer for things like food prep, warehouse store buys, and meat from hunting. Also, if storm damage blocks the road, you may not be able to get out for food for some time. A propane whole-house generator keeps the refrigerator on so you can eat your food rather than toss it in the trash.

Stay connected

Many people have been working from home more recently. More college students may be doing distance learning this coming year. Making sure your electronics are powered is essential. It also means you can stay in touch with local government and news for updates, stay in contact with family and loved ones, and stay entertained amongst everything else!
Contact us to get started on adding a propane standby generator to your home.
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