Learn How Propane Can Fuel Your Fleet—With Far Greater Efficiency!

forlift propane service north carolinaSo many businesses here in North Carolina use forklifts. They’re workhorses on farms, in factories, in warehouses and distribution centers, on construction sites, in retail, and so many other places.
Lots of those businesses are discovering the advantages that propane-powered forklifts provide. With LG Jordan’s propane cylinder refill service, it’s easy to keep forklifts running to help your business grow and prosper.

Why Are Propane Forklifts The Right Choice?

Using propane forklifts makes much more sense than using electric forklifts. Here are five of the advantages you get with propane forklifts.
No Down-Time: Propane forklifts just keep going and going. An average propane cylinder for forklifts can keep a forklift going for around eight hours, meaning you get a full shift of work from it. When the forklift runs out of propane, your workers can swap out the empty tank for a fresh one and be back on the job in around five minutes. When electric forklifts run out of juice, they’re unavailable for eight hours (or more!) as they recharge.
Full-Power Operation: Propane forklifts keep running at full power until the cylinder needs to be replaced. Electric forklifts lose power as the juice gets lower. Propane models also can carry heavier loads and are proven to be better on inclines than electric forklifts.
Anywhere You Need, In Any Weather: Most electric forklifts can’t work in wet conditions. Propane can work in both wet and dry. If you’re moving materials indoors from the outside, or vice-versa, propane can get the job done safely and easily.
Clean-Burning: Propane is clean-burning, so it is easier on your forklift engine. That means your forklift will last longer and need less maintenance. Propane forklifts are more environmentally friendly than gasoline or electric forklifts. Propane forklifts emit about 20% fewer greenhouse gases than forklifts run on gasoline. Electric forklifts get their power from electricity that is usually generated by coal-fired power plants.
Contact us to learn more about propane forklifts and how LG Jordan can provide you a safe, economical solution for your North Carolina business today!