No work, no worries with a propane fireplace from LG Jordan!

propane fireplaces north carolinaAs more and more leaves are falling from the trees, it’s becoming that much nicer to kick back and relax in front of a warm fire with a book, a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.
But what’s not so nice is all the work you have to do for that if you have a wood burning fireplace. First, you have to buy or chop firewood. Then you have to bring the firewood in from outside, build the fire, wait for the fire to ignite, and wait again for the room to get warm. But you’re not done yet! There’s the mess of soot and ashes to deal with afterwards.
Skip all that and go straight to the cozy and warm part with a propane fireplace!

Propane fireplaces are easy as pie

With a propane fireplace, all you have to do is turn on a switch or push a button on a remote control and the fire is started. And once you are done, you just have to turn off the fireplace and leave the room. No worrying about smoke, embers or ashes.
You know what else is easy? Installing a propane fireplace! If you wanted a wood burning fireplace in your North Carolina home, you’d be paying thousands of dollars and facing the weeks of inconvenience, dust, dirt and mess that go with building a wood burning fireplace.
With a propane fireplace or fireplace insert, installation is easier, cleaner and much less expensive.

Propane fireplaces 101

There are two kinds of propane fireplaces. A propane fireplace insert with gas logs from LG Jordan is what is added to an existing wood burning fireplace. The other is a fireplace structure installed on a blank wall.
If you have a propane fireplace or fireplace insert installed in your home, you’re going to need propane. That’s where LG Jordan comes through again! We offer safe and reliable propane delivery, and can also provide automatic delivery so you don’t have to worry about running low before your next evening by the fire.
Like the idea of heat without the hassle? Come to our Apex showroom and our knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you choose the right propane fireplace equipment for your home!