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The Color Of Your Flame Means More Than You May Think!

safe propane flame north carolinaPropane provides outstanding energy efficiency for home heating and water heating. It also is great for so many more things—cooking, clothes drying, space heating, fireplaces, BBQ grills, pool and spa heaters—too!
But you need to know some basic things about propane and propane safety to make sure that your propane appliances are operating correctly and safely at any given time.

Blue Flames Are GOOD Flames!

Did you know that propane is a colorless gas before it ignites? When it burns, propane gas is a different color than other materials that burn, like wood or oil.
When the ratio of fuel to air is correct, there is enough oxygen for complete combustion of propane. The gas molecules in the flame are ionized and the propane flame is blue. Complete combustion and a blue flame means that your propane is burning at its full heat, so you aren’t wasting any expended energy.

Yellow And Orange Flames Are A Problem

Orange or yellow propane flames mean that the propane on those parts of the flame is not being completely burned. When these color flames occur on the burners of a propane range, the cause may be spills and burned bits of food have blocked parts of the burner.
This can lead to wasted amounts of gas amongst other issues. In complete combustion with a blue-colored flame, the temperature of a propane flame is 3,596˚ Fahrenheit.
With a yellow or orange flame, the flame’s temperature is 1,832˚ Fahrenheit. With only half the heat, the overall output will be affected. This may exemplify through an uneven temperature in your pan when cooking. You likely won’t get that nice even browning or searing. Quick cooking foods like a stir-fry may not come out as well. This same inefficiency caused by orange or yellow flames can cause your energy bills to go way up if they’re occurring in your home’s heating or water heating system. Think about it—you might be trying to do laundry, cook, clean or heat your home running at nearly half the power. That’s not effective for anyone!
Yellow or orange flames can also be dangerous too. The incomplete combustion that causes them can lead to a carbon monoxide buildup in your home. If you are seeing yellow or orange flames, contact your equipment service technician right away so they can fix whatever is wrong.
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