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propane appliances north carolinaHeating your North Carolina home with propane provides you with energy efficient comfort. But that’s not all propane can do for you! There are many propane appliances that provide comfort while enhancing the quality of life in your home, lowering your energy costs, and improving your home’s value.
LG Jordan carries several propane appliances at our Apex showroom, located at 314 North Hughes Street. Our equipment experts can help you find something great for your home—and we’re open to walk-in traffic!

Space And Wall Heaters

If your home has spaces that are unheated or inadequately heated by your home’s heating system, a propane space or wall heater is an efficient solution for supplemental heating.
They can be used in areas of sunporches, garages, sheds, and more so you can use and enjoy your entire home year-round.

Whole-House Generators

Keep your home and loved ones safe and comfortable with a propane whole-house backup generator.
Not only will the lights stay on, but your refrigerator will keep your food at a safe temperature, your sump pump will run so you don’t risk a flooded basement, your home security system operates, and phones and electronics will have the power to keep you connected with the outside world.

Water Heating

Propane is so much better than electricity when it comes to water heating. It gets your water hot faster and with better efficiency, so your energy costs are lower. A propane tankless water heater gives you all the hot water you want when you want it.
LG Jordan offers an array of water heating products from Rinnai, a leading manufacturer of propane-fired products, who currently offering a special promotion: up to $100 off the purchase of qualifying Rinnai tankless water heaters, heaters, and boilers!
With Rinnai’s superior engineering, smart design, and unmatched quality, you’ll enjoy an endless supply of hot water—plus significant energy savings, all year long.


Propane grills offer ease, convenience, and versatility. They are ready to grill five minutes after you turn them on, and you don’t have to deal with a messy clean up as you do with charcoal, making propane grills ideal for weeknight dinners.
Because you can instantly adjust the temperature, you can go from cooking burgers and hot dogs to fish in a flash. Charcoal can’t do that.

Propane Gas Logs

With gas logs in propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts, you can enjoy all the cozy comfort of a fire in the fireplace with the push of a button. No schlepping in firewood, building a fire, and cleaning up afterward. And if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, a propane fire lets you have that comfort at a fraction of the cost of building a masonry fireplace. Gas logs come in a wide range of attractive, realistic styles, mimicking woods such as oak, white birch, cedar, pine, aspen, juniper, and driftwood.
If you want to add propane appliances to your home, get in touch with us and we’ll help you get started right away. With LG Jordan—we’ll make it easy.