prebuying fuel north carolinaWe hate to interrupt your summer pool parties, cookouts, and other fun, but this is a really good time to think about winter. (It will only be for a few minutes, we promise!)
Thinking now about keeping your home warm this winter can save you money and hassle down the road. And we have the perfect solution with our Prebuy plan. If you use more than 400 gallons of your heating fuel per year, Prebuy is a great opportunity for you to take control of your propane or heating oil costs.

The Prebuy Plan Basics

When you enroll in Prebuy, you are buying your supply of propane or heating oil for the heating season. We help you determine how much fuel you’ll need based on past usage. Then, you pay in advance for your fuel at a set price.

The Prebuy Advantage

During the summer, propane and heating oil tend to have lower prices per gallon than during heating season. By choosing Prebuy, you lock in the price you’re going to pay for your heating season’s fuel at the optimal time!
You’re protecting yourself from the roller coaster of the markets, where everything from geopolitical disputes to natural disasters can have an effect on your fuel prices. Because you’ve bought your heating oil or propane in advance, none of that makes an impact on your fuel costs, even into the colder months.
Another benefit: You don’t have to worry about propane or heating oil bills, because you’ve already paid! That means you can plan your budget for everything from the holiday season to tax time. No surprises, no worries.
If it’s a mild winter and you don’t use all of the fuel you purchased, you get to roll that credit balance forward towards your next fuel purchase. And if you end up needing more heating oil or propane than you purchased, we’ll deliver it to you at our fair and transparent daily market rate.
Remember, Prebuy is a limited-time opportunity. Procrastination is the thief of savings!
Contact us to find out how to enroll in our Prebuy plan, today!