We know we’re only about month into summer – which means that winter is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind here in North Carolina.
But thinking about winter just a little bit right now could save you big money down the road – if you take advantage of pre-season pricing by buying your 2018-19 propane or heating oil gallons now.
If you previously purchased your fuel on a buying plan from us, now is the time to renew your contract – just contact us and we’ll take care of it.
If you’re new to pre-buying, here’s how it works: propane and heating oil market prices vary throughout the season but are usually highest in the winter months, when supplies are tight and demand is high. By purchasing your propane in the offseason, you lock in your price for every gallon you agree to buy – which could save you hundreds of dollars next heating season.
While there is no way to know for certain where propane and heating oil prices might trend in the months to come, an early season pre-buy usually saves you money. But even if you chose to hold off on buying your fuel, you can rest assured knowing that we will work with you to keep your fuel bills and deliveries manageable with convenient programs like our Budget Payment Program , Automatic Deliveries , and more.
Take advantage of early season pricing – Prebuy your winter fuel now! Contact us today to lock in early season prices on your 2018-19 propane and heating oil.