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Take Advantage of LG Jordan’s Money-Saving Fuel Payment Plans Today!

LG Jordan can’t control the cost of fuel and we can’t control the weather. But we can help you keep heating bills manageable with our convenient and budget-friendly options. We offer plans to help you enjoy peace of mind and avoid surprises while staying warm and comfortable.

Our Budget Payment Program: Providing peace of mind—with no surprises!

Budget plan chart

Even with mild weather and low oil or propane prices, most people see their fuel bills rise in the winter. Our Budget Payment Program is a smart way to manage winter fuel costs and avoid unexpected, high invoices, no matter how cold it gets or how much fuel you use.

We use an average based on your past fuel usage to spread your costs evenly over 10 months, making it easier for you to budget your expenses.

The point of the plan is to keep your fuel costs level and manageable. If we have a particularly harsh winter or prices spike, we’ll help adjust your payments so you don’t get hit with a large balance in the summer. Likewise, if it’s a mild winter, we can adjust and reduce your payments: The purpose is to help you avoid big fluctuations. Customers that make timely payments on the Budget Payment Plan avoid finance charges.

Choose Our Propane Prebuy Program: Pay up front—and avoid unexpected price jumps!

Home heating customers who use more than 400 gallons per year and are enrolled in our automatic delivery program can enroll in our Prebuy Program.

When you choose our Prebuy Program, you pay in advance for your winter fuel at a fixed price, regardless of whether fuel prices go up or down.

This program lets you take advantage of lower off-season pricing to prebuy a determined amount of oil or gas at a locked-in rate. Since we purchase these gallons for you up front, we require that you pay for your fuel in advance. If you end up needing more fuel that you initially bought, you will pay market rate at the time of delivery. And if you end up not using all the fuel you bought, you can roll the credit balance forward.

To sign up for the Prebuy Program, please contact us for more information or call 919-267-2448.