Natural Gas Piping and Installation

LG Jordan provides safe, efficient natural gas line installation services for Wake County, NC, and beyond!

Do you need natural gas installation for a new home or a conversion from another system? LG Jordan Oil & Gas Co.’s home comfort specialists have extensive training, certifications and experience in natural gas installations and piping throughout the Tar Heel State. You can feel confident and secure, knowing that a team of dependable experts is safely and quickly setting up your home for natural gas service. Our natural gas installers can also help you add top-quality gas appliances to your home and keep them working efficiently for years.

Customers in Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange, and Lee counties enjoy many benefits from gas appliances. Natural gas products offer more precise heat, lower operational costs, longer service lives and faster, quieter operation than electric alternatives.

We are North Carolina’s most trusted natural gas installers!

No two families or houses are the same, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home comfort strategy. For so many of our customers, a natural gas utility offers the best affordability and convenience for home heat, hot water, cooking and outdoor living amenities — just to name a few uses for this versatile fuel.

When it comes time to arrange natural gas service to your home, the LG Jordan team is always here to help. We will provide a free consultation to review your existing system and determine the best natural gas solution for your home and budget. Then, we’ll schedule an installation at the earliest possible availability.

We will connect you to the utility lines in your region and make sure your space heating, water heater, range, dryer and other gas-powered products are hooked up and ready for use.

At LG Jordan Oil & Gas, we guarantee that your lines and piping will be installed perfectly and to your satisfaction — the first time!

Safety is our #1 priority.

Today’s natural gas systems and appliances are incredibly safe, with safeguards against gas infiltration and accumulation. Even so, the process of tapping into a local gas utility requires the utmost care and precaution.

It’s crucial to have a certified, reliable team handle your gas piping and line work. In this regard, LG Jordan Oil & Gas is the best choice for safe and efficient natural gas line installations. Our trained technicians deliver precise care and attention to detail when installing your gas connections.

And LG Jordan is available 24 hours a day to assist with repairs and maintenance — or to install a new natural gas appliance in your home. We hope you think of us as your total home comfort partner.

Are you interested in a free consultation? Get in contact with our team today to get the ball rolling on adding natural gas to your North Carolina home.