Natural Gas for Home Heating

Natural gas powers furnaces, water heaters, ranges, and more.

natural gas Raleigh, NC The first weeks of the year have brought some frigid evenings to Raleigh and across North Carolina’s Wake, Chatham, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Orange and Lee counties. Whatever fuel your home heating system uses, you can count on LG Jordan Oil & Gas. We handle fuel delivery, installation and service for natural gas, propane and heating oil equipment.

We also get plenty of requests to set up Tar Heel State households with natural gas service. There are many compelling reasons that this energy source is so resoundingly popular.

Benefits of Natural Gas Heating

With natural gas heating, you can enjoy superior fuel efficiency. Natural gas burns at a robust 3,560˚F, and today’s high-efficiency gas furnaces boast fuel efficiency ratings in the high 90s. With a reliable natural gas utility, you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel.

Natural gas also has a lower carbon intensity score (how much carbon dioxide is generated to produce a given amount of energy) than fuel oil, gasoline, propane and even North Carolina’s grid-based electricity, which relies on generation sources that are far from green.

Natural Gas’s Versatility

With natural gas service in North Carolina, you have fuel that can power way more than high-efficiency furnaces and other heating systems. Natural gas also fuels the following:

  • Water heaters that can boast up to double the hot water recovery rates of electric units. Tankless water heaters generate virtually endless hot water with even less fuel.
  • Gas ranges that offer quick, strong heat and precise temperature control.
  • Clothes dryers that have quick drying cycles and features that save energy.
  • Fireplace inserts and gas logs that create a cozy, comforting environment with the push of a button.
  • Grills, outdoor kitchens, firepits, outdoor fireplaces and many other popular home amenities.

In short, natural gas powers a versatile slate of high-quality, lifestyle-enhancing products.

The Importance of an Experienced Natural Gas Partner

Whether you need to connect your home to a natural gas utility, install natural gas appliances or repair natural gas equipment, it is crucial that you work with trained and experienced technicians. If unlicensed individuals install your systems and connections, you’re risking a gas leak that presents both suffocation and explosion hazards. At the minimum, your natural gas products will not operate at their best efficiency.

Doing your research to find a trusted, safety-focused natural gas installer will safeguard your family’s comfort and well-being. LG Jordan is that installer.

LG Jordan — Your North Carolina Natural Gas Partner

The experts at LG Jordan Oil & Gas have extensive experience connecting homes and businesses to natural gas utilities. We have it down to a science. Your gas-fired appliances will be hooked up safely and promptly. We also sell, install and service premium gas-fired appliances. Feel free to drop by our Apex, NC showroom (314 North Hughes Street) to check out all the fantastic products we have.

Do you need to add natural gas services or products to your home? Contact LG Jordan today.