Our Budget Payment Program Can Help

fuel payment plan north carolinaCreating and managing your home’s budget is becoming more difficult daily. With inflation at a 40-year high, everything from cream cheese to computer chips is noticeably more expensive. Coinciding with that is soaring energy prices. All you need to do is look at gas pumps in North Carolina for confirmation.
Unfortunately, heating oil and propane prices are higher than in years past, and although there’s not much that a local fuel company can do to change global energy markets, we are always looking for ways to make things easier for you. One thing we have found helps is enrolling in our Budget Payment Program.

Stabilize Your Home Energy Budget

When you go on our budget plan, you are no longer responsible for paying for your fuel in full when it’s delivered. Instead, LG Jordan Oil Co. will use an average based on your past fuel usage to spread your year’s oil or propane costs evenly throughout the year.
Customers who enroll in our Budget Payment Program tend to love it, but these days—with prices as high as they are—we think it’s essential.

Get Protection From Huge Seasonal Energy Costs

When you pay for heating oil or propane on delivery, you typically get hit with several huge bills in the fall and winter…at the same time as you’re probably hosting Thanksgiving, buying holiday gifts, and getting ready to pay your tax bills.
A Budget Payment Program gets you off the fuel expense roller coaster. You’ll always know how much your next month’s energy will cost—even if you need two deliveries that month! This can help to essentially cut your winter expenses in half.
Don’t worry about overpaying for fuel. If prices drop and stay lower, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly. In the end, you’ll only pay the cost of the fuel you receive at the market price on the days it’s delivered—and not a penny more.
We hope you’ll consider enrolling and trying our monthly budget program for one year at least. We’ve found that pretty much everyone who tries it, loves it. If you have questions or want to learn more about what your monthly budget payment may look like, give us a call today. Enrolling takes as little as five minutes!