How Much Propane Is In Your Tank?

Our wireless propane tank monitors put real-time fuel data at your fingertips!

checking propane level apex, nc Even the most diligent and organized among us can forget things from time to time. Typically, it’s something unimportant, like forgetting to pick up crackers at the supermarket. But neglecting to contact your propane company for a tank refill can be more than a minor inconvenience.

If your home’s heat, hot water and appliances depend on propane, your home will be much less livable until you get more fuel. Not only that, but your propane provider will need to perform a leak/pressure test before the technician can refill your tank or relight your pilots.

Luckily, our customers in Wake, Chatham and surrounding counties can take advantage of wireless propane tank monitoring. This service frees you from having to run outside to check your tank gauge in inclement weather. It also provides a crucial safeguard against runouts.

What is a propane tank monitor?

Propane tank monitors, like the Otodata products we use, are a state-of-the-art technology that constantly measures your fuel levels and transmits data using wireless and cellular networks. We can install a monitor for your aboveground or underground propane tank in 15 minutes.

Using a free smartphone app, you can track up-to-the-minute readings wherever you are. The beach, Europe, your bed — anywhere you go, your tank data goes with you.

Pair a propane tank monitor with automatic delivery.

When you’re enrolled in automatic propane delivery, adding tank monitoring to your plan provides total peace of mind. With standard automatic delivery, we calculate your fuel usage based on customer history and the weather. This gives us a decent idea of when you’ll need a delivery.

But some variables can throw off these calculations. Maybe you had extended family stay with you for two weeks, and your propane water heater was working overtime. Perhaps you recently welcomed a newborn to the family, and you need to keep the house warmer than usual. In these scenarios, we might not be aware that you’re burning through propane at a faster rate.

If you have a tank monitor, we can track your propane levels in real-time and deliver fuel when your tank reaches a certain level.

LG Jordan customers love our propane tank monitoring service!

Wireless propane tank monitoring is especially popular with people who manage older relatives’ fuel deliveries, people with income-generating properties, hosts on Airbnb or VRBO and people who are often away from home. In short, this service is great for folks who want to be able to track a home’s propane levels without needing to be there physically.

That said, we think that any propane customer will find our Otodata monitors to be a superb value. You can set up your monitor today for a small one-time installation fee. After that, you’ll receive full-time tank monitoring by LG Jordan for a minimal annual charge.

Start enjoying total peace of mind right away. Reach out to our team to set up wireless propane tank monitoring.