Who should I Call for Local Natural Gas Repairs?

Knowing When—and Who—to Contact is Important!

natural gas repair apex, nc It’s understandable that many customers can become anxious about responding to a problem with a natural gas line, system, or appliance.

After all, while natural gas is a fantastically useful and adaptable fuel, it can also present dangers for households and businesses if it isn’t handled correctly. Natural gas can accumulate during a leak, creating risks of asphyxiation, illness, and explosion.

You don’t have to look too far back to see an example of a natural gas issue ending in tragedy. In 2019, a contractor’s accident led to a natural gas explosion in Durham that killed two people and injured many more. This is why it’s critical that you have trained, licensed professionals handling gas lines and equipment.

On the other hand, not all natural gas repairs are emergencies. Some involve gas-fired equipment that isn’t working but isn’t causing a safety issue. So, who should you contact to address a natural gas repair? We’ll help clear things up for you!

How to Identify a Natural Gas Leak

There are several ways to identify a natural gas leak:

  1. Odor — Natural gas is scented to smell like rotting eggs.
  2. Sounds — A leaking gas pipe or appliance may hiss.
  3. Plants — A dying or stunted plant in or near your home may indicate a leak.
  4. Bubbling — If you see bubbling standing water outside your home, there could be a leaking gas utility pipe below it.
  5. Symptoms of gas exposure — These include nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and difficulty breathing.

Consider installing gas leak detectors in your home near natural gas appliances for added security.

How to Respond to a Natural Gas Emergency

First and foremost, get away from your home or other affected area, and ensure that everyone else stays away. Extinguish any flames, cigarettes, or other ignition sources, and don’t touch light switches, phones or other electronic devices. Don’t attempt to close any valves in the area. It’s more essential to evacuate.

Once you are clear of the leak, contact emergency services and your local utility company. They will address the leak and tell you when it is safe to return.

When to Contact Your HVAC Company for a Natural Gas Repair

You should get in touch with the company that installed your gas appliance when it needs non-emergency repairs that don’t involve leaking gas. A licensed natural gas technician—like those on our team at LG Jordan—can provide maintenance and repair service for:

They can address any issues with old or malfunctioning gas connections. This will keep your gas appliances running efficiently and safely for years to come.

LG Jordan Oil Co.— Licensed, Experienced and Ready to Help!

In addition to oil and propane services, LG Jordan Oil Co. offers natural gas installation and services to homes in Wake, Chatham, and surrounding counties. Our team members are all licensed and ready to help, whether you need to connect to a natural gas utility or add additional gas products to your home.

For a FREE consultation on natural gas services, appliance installations, or more, contact the LG Jordan team right away. We’re here to answer your questions!