You see a lot when you’ve been in the propane business for nearly a century.
Take painted propane tanks, for example. Every year, we visit someone’s home only to find that they’ve gotten “creative” with their propane tank, painting its surface with dark, heat attracting colors that can create a potential safety hazard for their family.
Propane is one of the safest fuels around – but like any combustible medium, you need to follow appropriate precautions if you want to avoid problems. Keeping your fuel tank light-colored is one of them. Filling your tank to a maximum of 80 percent – something our propane delivery teams do every time we visit –  is another (the remaining space is left for gas expansion when it’s hot outside).
Of course, the most important propane safety precaution you can take is to always have your propane tank installed and maintained by a professional with the tools, knowledge, and experience to spot and fix problems quickly and correctly. The best way to make sure your propane tank is well-maintained? Lease it from LG Jordan.
When you lease your propane tank from us, you’ll get FREE tank inspections and repairs, FREE upsizing if your propane needs change, and FREE maintenance year after year. All you have to do is pay your monthly bill and enjoy your propane-powered home.
Leasing your propane tank is almost always the smart choice. Our technicians will help you get your propane tank up and running the right way, – always in compliance with applicable laws and codes. No headaches, no hassles, no added expenses.
Time for a new propane tank? Contact LG Jordan today to learn more about our expert propane tank installations and hassle-free leasing options. We’ll even help you figure out what size tank works best for your North Carolina home!