Keep Your Home Heating System in Top Shape Year-‘Round with LG Jordan!

heating repair north carolinaWe’re *hopefully* in the home stretch of winter here in North Carolina, but in any case, you’re still going to need your heating system to be running smoothly for at least another month or so until the warmth of the springtime fully arrives.
And after a long, hard season’s work, there are some signs that your heating system may need a service call and possible repairs before the heating season comes to a close. Here are some things you should watch out for:

  • Unusual noises such as grinding, squealing, or knocking
  • Vents are not blowing heated air or baseboards aren’t heating up
  • An inexplicable increase in energy usage and costs
  • Pilot light on gas-fired heating system is burning yellow instead of blue
  • Heating system keeps cycling on and off frequently
  • Heating system won’t turn or stay on
  • Heating system runs constantly

If you’re encountering any of these problems, get in touch with us so we can look it over. It’s best to do so now—plus, you’ll ahead of the game come next fall when you’re ready to put your heating system back into full use.

What Causes Heating System Troubles?

There are several possible causes for a malfunctioning furnace or boiler, especially if you didn’t have maintenance performed before the heating season started.
The problem may be caused to your thermostat, not the heating system itself. The good news in this case is that it’s probably not a costly issue! However, a thermostat problem will affect your central air conditioner too, which is why you should address this problem as soon as possible.
Other potential heating system problems may include:
Damaged ductwork. This is another problem that will also affect your cooling system, so you need to address it.
Clogged air filter. You should be checking your air filter at least once a month and changing it as needed. This helps keep dust and dirt out of the heating system and protects the internal components from the wear and damage they can cause.
Stuck damper. The dampers in your ductwork direct the flow of heated or cooled air. If a damper gets stuck, air may not be able to reach all the vents, leading to uneven heating and uncomfortable cold spots.
Electrical malfunction. There may be issues with the wiring, which is something you want to have fixed right away both for your heating system and for your safety. Blowing off repairs such as this can cause the problem to grow worse, and possibly even dangerous.
LG Jordan is the Apex area’s leader for propane delivery—plus heating oil, diesel fuel supply and more for homes and local businesses. If you suspect you’re having some troubles with your heating system—don’t ignore it! Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to help.