Tips for Working Around Your Tank + Helpful Safety Information

propane tank planting north carolinaListen, we’ll be straightforward with you in saying that propane tanks don’t necessarily make for the best focal point to your yard. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why we provide underground propane tank installations in addition to above-ground options for all the propane tanks we handle.
Sometimes, however, underground propane tanks are simply not feasible. The issue may be cost, or complications with the nature of the property. Another reason is that many people choose to lease their propane tanks, so having them above-ground and directly accessible just makes more sense.
Whatever the reason may be, if you’re trying to figure out how a more seamless way to make your spring landscaping work with your propane tank, we have some tips to assist you in the Spring months ahead.

Gardening Tips Around Your Propane Tank

We understand wanting to minimize the visibility of your propane tank. You probably have much more attractive areas of your yard that you would people rather focus on.
Before we tell you about some ways to do that, we’ll tell you what NOT to do.

  • Going against what you might first gravitate to, don’t plant bright flowers at the base of the propane tank! Those colors will immediately draw peoples’ eyes right to the propane tank itself.
  • Do obscure the view of the propane tank with a fence, lattice, trellis, or evergreen shrubbery that will grow to hide the propane tank.

A fence may be more expensive upfront, but it is a permanent solution you won’t have to prune, weed, or fertilize. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance as well.
If you choose a lattice or trellis, you can train climbing plants such as climbing roses, honeysuckle, morning glories, or jasmine. You could also use the trellis or lattice to grow beans or peas.
Evergreen shrubs to plant include juniper, nandina, or holly. These plants will eventually reach six feet and shield the tank from view while providing an attractive landscape feature.

Important Propane Tank Safety Tips

Before you start digging posts for a fence, lattice, trellis, or plants, you need to know a few things about propane safety:

  1. First, your tank still needs to be easily accessible for LG Jordan to make propane deliveries and perform any needed service on your tank, as well as if you ever need to shut off the tank supply valve in the event of an emergency. Make sure there is enough clear space around the tank for that to happen.
  2. Install fencing at least two feet away from the tank and plants or shrubs at least four feet away. If you plan on adding trees to your landscape, make sure that they are planted at least 10 feet away from the propane tank.
  3. NEVER paint your propane tank a darker color to blend it in with your home or landscaping. The light color is on your tank for a reason.

Like other liquids, propane expands in heat. Its expansion is 17 times that of water. That expansion is why we fill your tank to 80% full, so the propane has room to safely expand.
Light colors reflect heat. Dark colors absorb heat. A dark-colored propane tank could cause the propane to expand to dangerous levels.
Do you have questions about propane safety, or what you can or can’t do around your propane tank? Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help in any way we can.