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Is propane safe? Get the facts

propane safetyOne question we get a lot from people who are considering adding propane appliances to their home is “How safe is it really?”
As a company that has done thousands of propane appliance installations, propane tank installations and propane deliveries since we started providing the gas to our North Carolina neighbors in 1970, we can assure you that propane is as safe as any other home energy source…and probably even more so!
Here are just a few of the reasons why propane is one of the safest ways to power your home:

Of course all those considerations don’t even take into account the things WE do to make sure your propane appliances are installed, maintained, and operating correctly.
The bottom line: propane is one of the safest sources of energy around – not to mention one of the most versatile and efficient ways to power just about any equipment you need to keep your family safe and comfortable in any season.

Have any propane safety questions for us? We’re happy to talk about them. Give the propane experts at LG Jordan Oil a call and let us help you explore propane power for your home or business!

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