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Home propane generator
Severe weather is part of life here in North Carolina – more, it seems, with each passing year.
If bigger storms are part of our new reality, then new strategies are needed to deal with them – and one of the best strategies for dealing with severe weather (and the power outages that can follow it) is to invest in a whole house propane backup generator (sometimes called a standby generator).
A backup generator is a permanently installed piece of equipment that connects directly to your home’s electrical systems and a supply of propane (not to be confused with a perhaps more familiar portable outdoor unit on wheels); it looks a lot like a central air conditioning unit with a top on it. Standby generators are designed to automatically start when you lose power – usually less than 30 seconds after an outage. They turn off automatically once power is restored.

Benefits of a propane backup generator

Standby propane generators are designed to provide a seamless transition to backup power – which mean they’re about much more than keeping your lights on.
A propane backup generator will:

  1. Protect you from floods – A generator will keep your sump pump working in the event of a power outage, which can save you thousands of dollars in water damage.
  2. Provide personal security – By keeping your alarm systems working, a generator will protect your family and valuables.
  3. Keep sick family members safe – A standby generator is a must if someone in your home relies on a powered medical device.
  4. Preserve your food – Food spoiled during a power outage can cost you hundreds of dollars; with a standby generator you can keep your refrigerated food fresh.
  5. Keep you connected – Getting updates from family members or utility providers can be difficult without power – radios, laptops, tablets and cell phones will eventually need to be recharged. Power up all these items with a generator.
  6. Keep the warm (or cold) air coming – A properly-sized backup generator will keep your HVAC system running during an outage – a great benefit in the winter, when a couple of days in freezing weather could freeze pipes and lead to thousands of dollars in damage to your NC home.

So is a propane backup generator right for you?

Propane backup generators are not inexpensive – but installing one could pay for itself by avoiding even a single disaster. What is that peace of mind worth to you? The more you have to protect, the more value a propane generator has.
If you’re on the fence about making the investment in a standby generator, why not contact us and request a FREE, no obligation estimate on one for your North Carolina home? Our experts will help you see if a backup power solution is right for you.