smelling propane north carolinaLG Jordan Oil is dedicated to providing reliable propane delivery to our customers. One of the many ways we continue to be our customer’s first choice for fuel since 1924 is our commitment to propane safety.
Did you know North Carolina consumed an estimated 394 million gallons of propane according to a 2017 study? That’s a whole lot of propane. While propane is a combustible fuel, it still has a remarkable safety record due to stringent rules put in place by the industry.

What about that “rotten egg” smell?

­If you’ve smelt this once before, you’ll likely never forget just how pungent it really is. This is because manufacturers use a chemical called mercaptan as an odorant. Otherwise, typically, the gas itself doesn’t have a smell. That’s also why your nose is the best way to alert you to a possible gas leak in your home.
If you do smell gas, here are six steps you should take according to the Propane Education & Research Council:

Step #1: No Flames Or Sparks

Don’t create any flames and immediately put out smoking materials and other open flames. Don’t operate any electrical appliances – and that includes flicking the light switch too!
You want to avoid any sources that can trigger an explosion or fire.

Step #2: Leave Immediately

Once ensuring there are no flames or sparks, leave the area immediately. Get everyone out of the home or area where you suspect there’s a gas leak.

Step #3: Shut Off Source of Gas 

If, and only if it is safe to do so, turn off the main gas supply valve from your tank. (Remember: Lefty loosey, righty tighty!) Make sure to turn the valve clockwise to the right to shut off the gas in your propane tank.

Step #4: Report Leak

Get to a safe area away from the gas leak and call us at: 919-267-2448.

Step #5: Confirm Area Is Safe

Wait until LG Jordan Oil or emergency responder determines that your home is safe before returning. Only a qualified professional should make the determination that everything is all clear.

Step #6: Get Your Propane Equipment Checked

Before you use any of your propane appliances, LG Jordan Oil will check your entire propane system to pinpoint any issues, and determine the proper course of action should maintenance be required.

How do I prevent gas leaks?

Proper maintenance of your propane equipment is the very first line of defense against a gas leak in your home. Similarly, you should rely on professional technicians at LG Jordan Oil to install all of your propane appliances, as poorly fitted equipment causes gas to escape.
When it comes to propane safety, LG Jordan is committed to the highest standards of quality. It’s why we’ve been serving the Apex, North Carolina region for nearly 100 years! Call us today if you have any questions about your equipment, or to inquire about new appliances to add to your home! We’ll be happy to help.